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John Gage (Gage Custom Knives) will not be liable for any damage or injury as a result from use or misuse of any cutlery products. It is the responsibility of the buyer/owner to handle cutlery he/she purchases with care and its intended use as a tool.



It is the responsibility of the buyer/owner to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, federal and international laws regarding to the purchase, possession, and/or use, of all products. The owner represents that they, he or she is of legal age and that the products made by Gage Custom Knives will be used in a lawful manner. John Gage (Gage Custom Knives) assumes no responsibility for any harm, injury, or unlawful use resulting from the sale, trade, use or handling of any products from Gage Custom Knives.

Gage Custom Knives’ products are guaranteed against defects in craftsmanship quality and materials. This guarantee is voided by misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, or unauthorized alterations of Gage Custom Knives' products. Gage Custom Knives’ products are not intended to be used as a screwdriver, pry bar, chisel or punch. Do not throw your cutlery or use it for any purpose other than cutting. Do not disassemble your cutlery. Do not sharpen your cutlery on a power grinding wheel. Any of these acts will void this guarantee.

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